How time flies by as your kids grow and life gets busier and busier!!  Those of us that are able to find our passion in life usually are in the middle of a great marriage with great kids and Christ is at the center of it all!!  The last time I updated this home page Bridger was 9 & Grady was 5 and starting his first year of tee ball!  Now Bridger is a basketball player (and a darn good one I might add) and Grady has begun a new venture in the world that is little league football!  They are 11 & 7 and absolutely wonderful!  I wish I could bottle up there Love,  there energy and there tender heart that reaches out to God every day!  I pray they find there calling that God has already laid out for them and blesses them beyond belief when they look back, but most of all I pray that He is blessed by the outward showing of love they have for Christ because parenting and life is a lot of things, but one of the things that is best is seeing your kids strive for greatness and they know that no to far behind them is a Father who will not let them fall just as HE didn’t let there earthly father fall either!!  God is so unbelievably awesome and so unbelievably perfect in every way imaginable that we as imperfect humans have no other choice, but to believe and trust in Him and His perfect timing in everything he does!!