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What do your Facebook pictures say?


 What do your Face book pictures say?


What if our facebook pictures told a story about our lives?  What if pictures had a voice?  What would they say?  Would you be happy about it?  Would you be proud of it?  It was funny, as I was loading these pictures the one about loving Jesus stayed right on the top of the page, I wasn’t necessarily trying to get that picture to stay there, but it was!!  It’s true!  I do Love Jesus, but do I show it, do I show it all the time?  Do I make it a priority?  Probably not, but He does find a way to stay at the top, to keep me in line, to keep me striving to be the best Christ follower, the best Husband and the best father I can be!!!  So what do my facebook pictures say?  I don’t know, but I am proud of it, and I will stand on a rock and tell you about it!!  Life is amazing, live it as if it goes on for eternity, live it as if you want it to be great when our time here on earth is over!!



enjoy the pics!!!

Photo: Share if you're not ashamed of Jesus!Photo: This kid has squats down! #crossfit #squats     Photo: Grady caught one ,)Photo: Mommas little football player!!!Photo: In the good ole summertime !Photo

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Photo: 6 am breakfast 9 am football 7 pm youth church party 10 pm passed out!!#blessed #woreoutPhoto: Kendrick Lamar shook up the world challenging all rappers with his "Control" verse and even referenced Phil Jackson.</p>
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Photo: Fish are biting,)Photo: The grandkids!