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# YOLO…….. or is it YODO

So I finally feel like I have like I might be losing touch with my youthful side!!  At Wednesday night church Pastor Reeses sermon was appropriately called YOLO to which I had no clue what that meant!  These days there are many of these things…… What are they called LOL, Rotfl, lmbo, and the aforementioned YOLO which stands for You only live once, but the truth of the matter is YODO…… You only Die Once!! We all as Humans, believers or not will live twice!  The death rate in the world is 100%!  From the day we are born we creep steadily closer to our final days!  Our first day is celebrated by grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles and of course dear old mom and dad!  The last day is celebrated by all that you had an impact on, good and maybe even the bad!! Who knows?!?, but to say YOLO is a travesty to yourself and all of those around you not to mention the fact that is a bold face lie!!  That infamous day that will be your last will not be your last, it’s just your last on earth!  I can’t really say or give a time frame from the time you take that last breath until you stand face to face with Jesus, but what I can say with out a doubt is that the last breath you take  won’t be the last breath you take!  So before you take a second and use that little 4 letter abreviation ( what are they called ) think twice before you tweet out YOLO because it might be your last night on earth and you should have live like it was a YODO night instead!!



UNLEASH by Perry Noble

  • So excited about @PerryNoble’s 1st book, Unleash! get it today at #unleashbook

Small excerpt out of the book, a little teaser if you will……..


Jesus has made it possible for us to live an unleashed life. Whether we realize it or not, Jesus made the first move. Now He is

waiting on us to make the next one. Just as I’d been oblivious to the Mustang’s power for most of the day, most of us don’t even consider living a life that is unleashed. Instead, we settle for average, routine, predict-

Jesus made the first move. Now He is waiting on us to make the next one.


able. But the Bible describes the life of a Christ follower as any- thing but boring. God doesn’t want us to live mediocre, mundane lives.

If that’s the case, then why do so many of us wake up in the morning fully expecting nothing more than “normal”?

I’m here to tell you that it’s completely possible to live a life beyond normal.

It’s completely possible to live with purpose rather than stumble through our days trying to figure out, Why in the world am I here? It’s completely possible to live a life marked by freedom and

passion rather than one filled with regret and shame.
It’s completely possible to live in right relationships with other

people rather than let unforgiveness hold us hostage.