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It’s just my allergies

It’s just my allergies



I’ve been there,  you’ve been there,  your wife’s best friend’s husband who has muscles protruding  out of his muscles has been there. That time that something  just got you, something happened and tears began to well up and flow.  Your mind starts to race with thoughts of ” What am I going to say. Am I going to tell everyone that I cried?   Or am I  going to tell them that I got emotional or am I going to play the  ”it’s just my allergies” card. I don’t know about you but,  when my seasonal allergies are  acting up it doesn’t look the same as the emotional allergies,  so why lie about it? The truth is that finding Christ helps find our emotions.  It brings an inner peace into your life knowing that what the world thinks doesn’t matter, what the world sees doesn’t matter! What matters is that Christ is seen through you! Did Christ never show emotion?  Is it wrong as a man to do the same?  So it wasn’t your allergies,  it wasn’t Earl’s third degree burn wings that made your eyes well up like that.

Last night I found myself crying at church as we had back to school night for our kids. It’s a night where we gather around and pray for each kid one one by one.  As it  got started and it went kid after kid after kid I found myself praying peace over all of the kids and then they begin praying for Grady they begin speaking beautiful wonderful thoughts over him! Bring wisdom, strength,  safety and friendships and a mind for Christ over him and I began to tear up and it became uncontrollable I was sobbing as I watched 50 kids and multiple adults pray for my gift,  for my child and then they finished and they moved on as did I. Gaining  my composure along came Bridger  and then came “my allergies”  again. I was overcome with emotion due to the simple fact that I know that he is getting an education in Christ he is getting the same exact prayers that they gave Grady.  They spoke compassion over him, wisdom and peace and leadership. As I looked over Bridger head faced the other direction. I just found myself praising God that he has such a tight group of friends that I had nothing else to do but weep tears of joy as my kids were given something that can never be taken from them.

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You see as I have gotten older I have began to care less and less about what the world around me says and more and more about the One who is IN me believes and knows!  My family has a relationship with Christ and that can never be taken from them!!  So the next time your “allergies” act up step back and ask yourself, do I need a claritin or is that just Christ showing through me?