Are You Missing A PIece

I wrote this after hearing a sermon by Britany Murillo at Flipsides Service


Have you ever been doing a puzzle and got down close to the end only to realize there was a missing piece?  My wife enjoys doing puzzles, I personally do not, but imagine her frustration to be working on a 1500 piece puzzle for weeks and to get down to the end just to realize that she was missing the final piece of the puzzle.  I think that might be why I don’t do them, that would send me into a tail spin, but what if that missing piece was just a conversation away, a trip to our knees from being right back where we needed to be, who wouldn’t want that?  A lot of us live our life that way, putting our puzzle of life together thinking that one day we will have the entire thing put together and that we will have done it all on our own and that quite honestly we did a really good job until one day when we look down and realize all the pieces aren’t there, which ones missing, did I misplace it, did I ever have it, do I really need it, will anyone really notice if it’s missing?  I mean it’s one piece in a fifteen hundred piece puzzle!  Life is hard, really hard, the day to day grind of working, the kids and their extracurricular activities, not to mention simply being a husband  or wife and a father or mother  to your family.  I lived my life for a long time not knowing that my puzzle was missing a pice and it was fun, I didn’t have  a care or a worry in the world!  I was self absorbed in exactly that….  Myself and what I wanted, but without that one piece I wasn’t complete I wasn’t happy and my family would begin to fall down all around me and it would become dangerously close to getting completely blown away almost like if a little toddler came up to my coffee table and in one giant swoop ruined my weeks of hard work on my puzzle, except it’s more than a puzzle, it’s our lives and God is screaming to come in and all we have to do is call for him!  How awesome is it to know that year after year after year of denial can be erased by simply excepting Jesus into your heart and letting him be a part of your life!  It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been trying to put that puzzle together if you ask for help from Jesus you won’t be missing any pieces and putting it together won’t always be easy and yah that little toddler might knock it down, but it will be a lot easier to fix when Jesus is there with you picking up the pieces rather than trying to do it all alone which isn’t a good way to put any puzzle together, but then again I don’t like puzzles, but it’s nice to know that when the pieces fall I have someone to lean on………

Do You?

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