A Frog in a bucket

Have you ever been compared to a frog?…. Me Neither, but as Christians it might be something to think about or maybe just an analogy to show to our kids, either way Pastor Reese did an awesome job tonight of showing how the enemy wants exactly that, for us to act like a frog!  You see frogs are cold blooded meaning unlike humans who’s body temperature stays at a constant 98.6 the frog will adapt to it’s temperature so put a frog next to a fire and it will run because it can feel the danger, but it in a pan of warm water and slowly bring it to a boil and the frog won’t even know it’s in danger until it’s to late……

We as Christians have to be careful of what we do and what we surround ourselves with because it is the enemy’s plan to put us in situations that at first glance just really seem very innocent, but before we know it the water is boiling over and we are trapped in a situation that we can’t find a way out of!  God on the other hand always has our best interest at hand and if we will slow down and smell the roses and wait on what God has to say, listen to what he has say and do what it is he calls you to do than the enemy doesn’t stand a chance and he won’t even be able to turn up the heat on the stove and get the water to boil, he won’t even be able to get the water hot enough to burn you!

So treat life as a marathon and not a sprint, be in it for the long haul, be patient wait and listen to see what God has in store for you, after all He has  been beyond  patient with us, I know He has with me anyways!



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