Are you a wooden spoon

As Christians I don’t believe that we are held to a different standard by God, we simply choose to live a different way in our day to day lives!  Part of the thing I had to learn was that the sinful nature that we live in is an easy life to stay in.  To walk the Christian walk and to stand tall on your rock of faith will come with stares of ridicule or simple disbelief! You see to live a life of ease and immorality is kind of like cooking with a wooden spon!  I love to cook and I love using my same wooden spoon for my spaghetti sauce every time because it soaks all the seasons and herbs and to taste that oregano and rich cilantro and fresh sage as you perfect that scrumptious delectable sauce worth every second it takes to make it, but in life I’d rather be one of my wife’s rubber spoonula things so that all the things of the world can not soak into my pores and eventually be part of me like all those wonderful herbs that are infused into my wooden cooking spoon!  So I ask which utensil are you or maybe a better question would be which do you want to be because it’s never to late to make the switch!!!

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