The Painting

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Global Leadership Summit this week.  While i was there they had a painter there and as he was introduced by Pastor Bill Hybles and the last thing he said was ” prepare to be amazed”  As I began to prepare myself for amazement he begins his painting and I was anything, but amazed.  I actually began to check out.  I pulled out my phone and thought to myself “This is a good time to check my facebook”  I ran across a girls post as I hear another person in the crowd say “wow!!!!”  So I look up and still all I see is a lot of nothing, but then the artist took his painting and turn it upside down.  It was a breath taking painting of Jesus.  That’s when it hit me the painting that was upside down, when turned right side up can take your life and turn it right side up!!  Let Jesus take your life!  Humble yourself before Him and what’s upside down will soon be right side up!!!

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