Romans Chapter 7:5

Romans 7:5
S=. For when we were in the realm of the flesh, the sinful passions aroused by the law were at work in us, so that we bore fruit for death.
O=. My observation of this scripture to me is simple… If you are not truly living for God and killing your flesh daily you might as well tattoo a big sign on yourself saying warning I do not live life as I should I have no morals and I care about myself and my needs more than anyone in my life!  This is an attitude that I use to carry and it sucks because looking back I can’t even understand why I did the things I did. The only explanation that makes any sense is that I didn’t have God in my life!
A=. Applying this to my life has to be not just saying it, but actually living it!  Live for God, listen to God, understand that he has a plan for my families life. I believe that living a life for Christ is hard, but the reward is unimaginable to me!  Teaching my boys how a man should live, how a husband should treat his wife, and how a father should treat his kids is going to be worth every minute!  Applying these things to my life is a necessity that needs to be done on a daily basis!
P=. Father I pray that you give me the knowledge and the understanding of what it truly takes to live a dead life for you, I pray you keep Sara’s ears and eyes open to what you are calling our family to do, and that you give us all the tools to be the parents we need to be to raise your kids that you blessed us with in your image!
Y=. Last Friday I already had it in my head that I wasn’t coming next Friday, I had already done my soapy, and I just didn’t like this Chapter and I almost made myself sick last Friday night thinking about it!  I read the first five verses and I didn’t hear another word!  My whole adolescence adultery was part of my life, my mom did it to my dad, my aunts to my uncles, my cousins to their husbands, my sister to hers and it’s just been a dagger to my heart to even think about it and so when I read that i just closed my ears and was done!  I said all that to say this: God reached out to me and said read it again to which I said heck no, to which he said I wasn’t asking so I said okay!  He took those verses and added them to the rest of the chapter and showed me that it was no more than an example of what life could be like when you don’t live for Him, living a life In the flesh, will surely end  in tragedy!  Sara and I were put together by God so that my family, ie my mom dad brother sister can see what it means to live for God!  So it’s imperative that we live for God and not lead a life that is hypocritical to our Faith!  Once Sara and I figured this out, we have been blessed beyond our wildest dreams and fall deeper in love every day!  Simply put God is a patient and perfect God and has a plan to bring every single person to Christ, we’ve all had that still small voice tell us things, some of us call it a conscience, but you might need to stop and think if your conscience keeps screaming the same thing over and over because that just might be God trying to real you into his protection and give you all the things he has for you, all he wants is for you to say yes Lord I accept you and will live for you!

Romans 7:22
S=.  For in my inner being I delight in God’s law;
O=. It is in my opinion that if you will live by God’s law everything else in your life will just fall into place without exception, but live outside of God’s law and become of the world life will be a struggle.
A=. I just need to make more than an effort I need to make it a priority to become not of this world and live my life striving to be more like Jesus
P=. Father I pray that I grow to be more like you everyday! I pray that through you I become the husband and father that I’m suppose to be. Thank you for the blessings that you have put upon me and provided for me. In Jesus name I pray!   Amen

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