Romans Chapter Thirteen

Romans 13:12
S=. The night is almost gone; the day of salvation will soon be here. So remove your dark deeds like dirty clothes, and put on the shining armor of right living.
O=. This to me is just more clarification of God’s Purpose and his will in our lives!  Also of his forgiving nature. To me this scripture is saying the final days are upon us and all sin will be brought out so all of you who are not in right standing with God, pick up your cross and follow him, life is so much better when you live for Jesus instead of living a life in fear with many skeletons in your closet.  Your dark deeds are exactly like dirty clothes, they can be stripped off and washed clean and forgotten in the eyes of Jesus!  I can’t properly explain how much better life is with Jesus than without, there is not a drug on this planet that can give you the most awesome super natural high as when you know that you and your families  life has been touched by the hand of God!
A=. I need to make it hard for my family to sin, meaning it’s my job to put a margin in their lives that will separate the good and the bad, I want my kids to think twice about the smallest sin out there, that way when a real trial comes there way they know that first they turn to Jesus, and that also Sara and I will be there for them forever!  To apply that I have to live that and I think that Sara and I are both living that life to the best of our abilities
P=. Father everyone says that we are in our final days and I rejoice in that and thank you because I know in my heart of hearts that my family is leading a life that is pleasing to you and that when the day of the rapture comes that we will spend the rest of eternity in your presence!  Father I pray that there is a house built in heaven just for my family and that we give you great joy by living for you on earth and then honestly I haven’t found out yet what we will do for you there, but I fully believe that what we are doing now is in preparation of what we are to do for you then!
Y=. Sacrifice. In proverbs 21:3 it says:  The Lord is more pleased when we do what is right and just than when we offer him sacrifices.  To some of us doing what is right and just is a sacrifice until we completely hand over our lives to God and realize they were not our lives to begin with, it’s not until then that we can please God by doing right and just because it we are sacrificing what we really want to do right we are most likely on the right track, but not fully sold out for God!  I urge each and everyone of you to get to a place where it’s not a sacrifice of your pride, your ego, your way of living to serve the one true God, get to a place in your life where he is your life!

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